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Saudia Unveils Online Tool to Expedite Cargo Clearance


JUL. 22--------

Rapidly expanding Saudi Arabian Airlines released a new online service to improve procedures for shippers and forwarders serving its home market.

Saudia Cargo, which now operates 15 freighters after adding two B747-400 freighters to its dedicated charter fleet in June, said the tool, known as OK-2-KSA, will speed approval for imports of cars, dangerous and high-value goods, human remains, and live animals.

OK-2-KSA enables requests for forwarding approvals and proof of delivery to the airline’s hubs to be conducted online, removing the need for faxes and e-mails.

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“We hope that this new service will provide our clients with the appropriate tools to enhance their business and ensure a smooth shipment process to Saudi Arabia,” said Peter Scholten, Saudia Cargo’s vice president, commercial.

In addition to selling belly capacity on the airline’s 145 passenger aircraft, Saudia now deploys 12 freighters to serve 27 destinations worldwide with plans to add three more aircraft to its charter business. The carrier handled 515,000 metric tons of cargo last year, up 20 percent over 2011.

Anticipating future growth across its three-hub network, Saudia plans to construct a new pharmaceutical facility at Riyadh airport and expand its ground facilities at Jeddah and Damman airports.




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